I currently offer classes in Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Pre and Post Natal Yoga and Hatha Yoga. I teach all levels including a small restorative group (run as a course) for those with injuries and a beginners yoga group (also run as a course).


I embrace and love this style of yoga because it can be adapted to suit everyone and anyone.

The word vinyasa simply means breath synchronised with movement … Flow is the connection between postures.  Vinyasa keeps you present on the mat, focused and in the moment without becoming rigid or stuck….never a dull moment or a moment where you become bored. Experience the flow in the whole body from the tips of the fingers to the tips of the toes, using your breath to support you  – twist a little deeper, reach a little further, stretch a  little bit more with a level of embracement.

Your body is your vehicle it may be a Mini or Jaguar but it’s yours and the only one you have. Embrace the positives your body offers you, the more you cherish and look after it the more it will give back.

Beginners Vinysasa  :  Ideally I like to teach my beginners in small groups or 1:1 sessions for the first few classes. I run the small groups from my home with a maximum of 5 students .  I introduce postures with correct alignment and offer any modifications necessary. Students have an opportunity to ask questions, to learn breathing techniques, and to get a basic understanding about the benefits of yoga. I am also happy for beginners to try my wed am drop in class if they are fit and healthy with an understanding that they will not have such a detailed level of personal attention.

All Level Vinyasa: This is a more challenging class available to all with a basic understanding of yoga and the ability to adapt safely if necessary. Focus in these classes can vary from week to week. Some weeks we may focus more on flexibility, some on strength and some on nurturing. Never a dull moment, never the same and always about having fun.

Restorative Vinyasa and Hatha Combined: This class is designed for those with injuries or ailments. We work at a far slower pace and I show students how to practise safely whilst being kind to their bodies. To empower their strengths and not focus on their weaknesses. Hatha Yoga is a practise with slower more static holds.. that don’t necessarily flow from one pose to another.


Yin is a quieter, more grounding form of yoga where positions are held for long periods of time in order to stretch beyond the muscle fibre and into connective tissue or fascia. Yin, perhaps more than any other type of yoga, favours function over form, quality over quantity. It focuses on target areas and recognises that everyone’s anatomy and history is unique and this means each pose affects each person differently.

Your body, particularly your spine, is an amazing feat of engineering – so come RELAX, LEARN, DISCOVER and PLAY!


I am qualified to teach pre and post natal yoga but currently don’t run any classes .. not because of want but because I am also a mum and evenings and weekends are also special family time for me and these are the times that pre and post natal classes work best. Pregnancy yoga is amazing and if you would like to discuss 1:1 classes or need advice or pointers to fabulous pregnancy teachers in the area please do contact me. Yoga while pregnant is absolutely the best and most wonderful time to practise.