What my students have to say about i YOGA uk …

I love my yoga classes with Nancy. She is a wonderful guide and instructor, knowledgeable, kind, realistic, encouraging and inspiring. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her; she is brilliant. The classes are different each week with variations, extended challenges and I definitely feel I am improving each class and learning loads of new things. What’s not to love?!



What do I gain from attending Nancy’s Yoga classes?? 1) Forget physio’s … I reap a niggle-free body … aches, stiffness … disappear.. especially in the back, shoulders, hips. She has natural insight. 2) Inspiration, fun, new challenges, creativity (in ABUNDANCE) 3) a feeling of “Gosh, I CAN do this!”. 4) Being led safely into challenging postures. Even better, is being led by a teacher who is humble and seems unaware of just how unique she is. It is all about who she is guiding in class and never about her and that is my personal gain.

JEAN STAFFORD (yoga teacher)


Since starting Nancy’s yoga classes I have felt so much healthier and sorted out many of the back and neck issues which had become chronic. Nancy is a skilful and engaging teacher, subtly but consistently reading where you are and knowing when to push you a little bit more. She is observant and nudges you into small but fundamental improvements, having that gift of making you believe you can do something which looks beyond reach! Spiritual but without being evangelical too. Highly recommend as a wonderful teacher 🙂 –



Ahh, Nancy is the cutest person, such delicacy yet such strength of character and confidence in her teaching. Her Yin class is a must for me (when work doesn’t interfere) and I hope one day to be on a course of hers, or just to take away more of her style into my own life. Loads of love for her xx

GEORGIE BABA (Yoga teacher)



I love Nancy’s yoga classes. I first got into her Vinyasa flow classes which are excellent. Really strong and powerful. She also introduced me to Yin Yoga and I now really enjoy that too. Great combo with other exercise as well



I have enjoyed Nancy’s classes for some time now. Each class is always different and helps with my flexibility, for both the karate and aikido that I study. I would definitely recommend her classes to any guy looking to stretch out any aches and pains and complement another sport, or just as a single endeavour



Thank you very much for the lovely class. It just felt like a lovely dream. It was my birthday yesterday and tonight’s yoga just was a 🍒 on a 🎂 for me. What a beautiful treat to finish my busy week. You’re just so special and I’m blessed to experience your yoga, not enough as I would like to though 😔  but I appreciate when I do.  You’re like a little enchanted princess 😃